Welcome to my blog. I have anther one of these but I'm trying to put on my adult hat and have my own website.  I'll eventually transfer over some of the posts from my other blog. Also, I know this website isn't very fancy but I'm new to this so please excuse the simplicity. 

I talk a lot. Sometimes I touch on 8 different topics in a span of three minutes. My mind goes very quickly and can switch gears at the drop of a hat. Don't worry, you'll get used to it. The basics of my life and personality you can find in the About section of this website. This blog area will be reserved for thoughts, feelings, rants, hopes...basically you'll be seeing the world through my eyes.

I'm a lover of books, television, and film. I absorb pop culture constantly. I may not be able to tell you the name of a song or who sings it but if it was in a movie, I'll be able to tell you what movie and what scene of the movie.  My memory is selective and while I have retained nothing from 16 years of Catholic school math, I can remember lines from movies or TV shows I haven't watched in years. 

I hope you'll all enjoy my blog and my letters section (go check it out) and I hope you'll share what I have to say with your friends and family. The one thing I want to accomplish in my life is to help someone by using my words, to show them they are not alone in what they are thinking or feeling, to show someone else how much they matter in this world. Because you do matter, we all do. We all have a purpose, we just have to find it.

Maybe I can help.